Our Own Fishery

files/rodenegger/content/eigene-berufsfischerei/fischer.jpgThe fishery in these parts has a long tradition and well-documented history. Nowadays, over a dozen fishermen – including Hanspeter Merz – still play their trade on Lake Zug and Lake Ägeri.

In the lakes and streams of Zug, a total of 32 fish, one lamprey and three crab species are to be found. Of great local significance is the Zug «rötel» or char. First mentioned in records as early as 1281, this fish served as means of payment into the late middle ages and, to this day, a stalwartly upheld traditional meal of char in November remains a culinary delight for many gourmets.

Which is why specialities made from fresh fish we catch ourselves nearly every day are the highlights on the Eierhals menu. Our range of fish includes: lake whitefish, perch, pike, ägeri char, burbot, lake trout and farmed trout.

Come and be tempted.


Fish Specialities

Lake Whitefish A light freshwater fish that tastes delicious with a special sauce. files/rodenegger/content/Fische/felche.jpg
Perch A predator with a distinctive tasting flesh that tastes delicious fried in butter. files/rodenegger/content/Fische/egli.jpg
Pike After it has been expertly filleted by our cooks, there are hardly any bones left and its distinctive flesh goes with all kinds of recipes. files/rodenegger/content/Fische/hecht.jpg
Char This predatory fish is best eaten «au bleu» i.e. poached in a white sauce and deep-fried just like great grandma used to make it. files/rodenegger/content/Fische/roetel.jpg
Lake Trout The light reddish flesh tastes excellent in a dezaley sauce. files/rodenegger/content/Fische/seeforelle.jpg
Burbot Fish connoisseurs recommend that this slightly fatty flesh is best eaten deep-fried. files/rodenegger/content/Fische/truesche.jpg
Dace, Roach, Rudd, Bream and Trench These are fatty bony types of fish and we only prepare them to special order. files/rodenegger/content/Fische/hasli.rotfeder.brachse.scheie.jpg