The unique mountain scenery of the Uri and Nidwalden Alps spread out in front of you, the clear waters of Lake Ägeri at your feet. This wonderful are at the upper end of the lake is owned by Hotel Eierhals Royal.

seit 1774 The Merz Family has lived in Eierhals
1891 Great-great Grandmother Christine Merz-Meier opens the hotel
1948 Aunt Marie Merz and Aunt Käthy Merz 
run the business
1955–1997 Management by Leonie and 
Peter Merz-Langenegger
1997 Taken over by Vreni and Hanspeter 
1955 Extension of function suite and restaurant 
at ground level
1961/62  Extension of kitchen and basement
1967 Hunter's Lodge and pavilion
1978 Hotel rooms rebuilt
2004 Hotel Eierhals Royal built


Eierhals = Heierhals

In the records kept by the Zug authorities, there are intriguing references to the «Eierhals» of Upper Ägeri. On various documents going back to 1400, it appears as a field name – except that the mention made is not of «Eierhals» but «Heierhals». We suspect that «Heierhals» is some sort of mischievous nickname!

Once upon a time, a happy miller was sitting at the mill at the stream (at today's Eierhals, in fact). Of a morning, this miller used to sound a happy cheer over the clatter of the mill-wheel. He cheered from the sheer joy of life ... and cheering in that neck of the woods was called «heien». The cheerer was, therefore, a «heier» and eventually the people of the area dropped the «h», turning it into «eier» or the German for «eggs». So now we know that the old name of «Heierhals» suggests something like a throaty cheer of delight, as with the original miller of our tale. And we also know that many a contented guest, on leaving the Hotel Eierhals, has also let out a cheer, thus unconsciously greeting the happy miller of old from whom the name of the hotel comes.